Inspirational activities to organise during Open Streets Day


On the Open Streets Day you have an opportunity to turn the city into a playground for all! Watch the video below to get inspiration for 5 potential activities you could organise. Not enough? So scroll down for more inclusive, fun and entertaining ways to activate the city!

  1. Create a maze where people can enter and explore different activities that are being hosted by different organisers.
  2. Involve your local sport clubs in delivering sport clinics that will create more awareness among the participants.
  3. Try to give people the opportunity to be more familiar with the possibilities of active transport. Create an urban space where people can skate and cycle.
  4. Organise an educational Physical Activity Food Festival for people to try foods and educate themselves on the benefits of physical activity and the sport activities they can do in their own city.
  5. In the evening organise a Fun Run with for example blacklights, glow in the dark sticks and a DJ.
  6. Organise an activity that attracts people who are into ‘mind sports’. Set up, for example, chess, checkers and board games so people can relax, have a chat and enjoy a mind sport.
  7. Have free spaces where people can enjoy a picnic together while the children play on a mini trampolines or bouncy castles and play with balloons, balls, chalk and hula-hoops.
  8. Create a cultural centre. Set up a stage with a band or where people can perform their poetry, stand-up comedy or music.
  9. Host a walk and a bike ride that travels along the most beautiful places in your city.
  10. Organise a photography competition on the subject active travel. Display the top 10 photos in your building.