ISCA experiences a runner's high on Open Streets Day


Copenhagen is well-known for being the bike capital of the world and, on average, Danes exercise more than other EU nations. So how do you activate a city that is already active? By providing more creative physical activity events, of course!

On 22 September, ISCA member DGI’s Greater Copenhagen (Storkøbenhavn) regional office challenged over 300 people to run 15 floors up and down the stairs at the Runners High event. The run took place in the 75-meter Mærsk tower, on the top floor of which the runners were greeted by stunning views of Copenhagen bathed in the morning fog.

The ISCA team were excited to join the event and encourage people to keep re-imagining the urban public space and finding opportunities for physical activity. After all, that is the core of the Open Streets Day campaign.

Watch the video below to see what it was like!