Denmark 15.09, 22.09

Denmark 15.09, 22.09

Open Streets means opening up the public spaces towards movement which also leads to having an open mind, why the activities are accessible and enjoyable for the people.

This flagship event will be a part of two other events in the capital, Copenhagen – Bilfri søndag, Sunday 15th of September 14:00-18:00 and Runners High that takes place Sunday 22th of September 2019.

Bilfri søndag this 15th of September from 14:00-18:00 is organized by the local community. Nørrebro Lokaludvalg have connected with all the local associations and are taking advantage of the already closed streets due to the Copenhagen Marathon. We cooperate with this particular event, because of its focus on making the streets great again by letting people enjoy the urban outside space. This event has the aim to be accessible for everybody, providing different types of activities both for children and adults, making space to be social, active and enjoying the local surroundings. Bilfri søndag fits perfect with the title and project description of OSD. The idea is to show Nørrebro's diverse culture, leisure and association life and give insight into what you can use the streets for when there are no cars. We want to give everyone an experience of walking in the middle of the street and we want to focus on particle pollution as well as alternatives to private driving. The day will offer activities to the district's children and young people. It will function as a first event to quick-start the Open Streets Day and the European Mobility week.

The Open Streets Day and Bilfri søndag connect on the

  • Aim to promote the urban public spaces, using the streets for social, active opportunities.
  • Opening up the streets for the people, making them available for a different use than cars and creating awareness on the safe and different ways of mobility.
  • Focus on Kids and families having different stands and activities for each age. Get out of your houses into the streets!

Bilfri Søndag på Nørrebrogade er arrangeret i samarbejde med Nørrebrohallen og en masse lokale foreninger. Idéen er at vise Nørrebros mangfoldige kultur/fritids/foreningsliv frem og give indblik i hvad man kan bruge gaderne til når der ikke er biler. Vi ønsker at give alle en oplevelse af at gå midt ude på gaden og sætte fokus på partikelforurening og alternativer til privatbilisme. Dagen vil byde på aktive tilbud til bydelens børn og unge.

Kom ned til årets hyggeligste søndag eftermiddag på en bilfri Nørrebrogade! Over 25 foreninger/aktører rykker ud på gaden med masser af aktiviteter for store og små, når den sidste løber er løbet igennem Nørrebrogade til Copenhagen Half Marathon. Det er søndag den 15. september kl. 14-18.

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The Runners High event is organized by our partner organization DGI and situated in the area of the Copenhagen University Campus, more specific the “Maersk Tower” a new high building and the surrounding public area and spaces.

We find that the Runners High has a good connection to the purpose of Open Streets Day, promoting as well as encouraging active and different ways to use the urban areas and public spaces. The Maersk Tower was not build with the intention of making runs on the staircases but why not? And why not use the surrounding areas outside seeing the potentials in each little space, making it transformable into a social space, relaxing space, active space and so on.

On this day together with DGI, the “Maersk Tower” and the surrounding areas will be transformed into an active space where runners will run and be able to experience a different setting and enjoying a fantastic panorama over the city.

We will support the runners as advocates for actives lifestyles in the public spaces. The Run in the public and urban setting directly highlights the core goals of Open Streets Day, the European Week of Sport, European Mobility week. The aim is to promote places and urban areas where to be active create awareness of mobility and active transportation. It’s an urban trail run that gives experiences with run in places you don’t normally move.

The Runners High event takes place the 22th of September 10:00-11:00 and will consist of the following:

  • Run in the Maersk Tower and the surroundings areas
  • Hotspots with giveaway merchandise promoting active and healthy lifestyles
  • Warm up session by the “beactive” staff from ISCA
  • Great support team for the runners on the trail.

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The concept of Open Streets Day is built into the name of the project: on 22 September 2019 public streets and urban areas of European cities will be transformed into venues for recreational physical activity. Local community members are invited to take the initiative and organise events that are relevant and interesting to residents of their area. As an organiser, you are free to choose an event theme ranging from simple ideas, like rope-skipping contests, to something more elaborate like a mass participation cycling ride.

With the Car-Free Day also scheduled on 22 September as a part of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK, Open Streets Day events may take advantage of the already existing road closures and make the experience even more memorable by letting residents discover their neighbourhood from a different perspective.

Serving as a bridge between European Mobility Week and European Week of Sport, Open Streets Day will promote environmentally-friendly modes of active transport, as well as encourage citizens to celebrate the joy of being active. Open Streets means opening up the public space to movement which also means open minds – and that is why the events are meant to be accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

What is the purpose of Open Streets Day?

The Open Streets Day is one of our brand new events, that we are organising, as an official European Week of Sport event. The concept of the Open Streets Day is designed to build a bridge between Mobility Week and European Week of Sport. It will focus on using public streets for citizens’ activities and mobility, and thus celebrate both the heathy and environmentally friendly modes of transport, and the broader benefits of physical activity. In addition, Open Streets Day is part of the year-round ISCA campaign NowWeMOVE, which has the vision of getting 100 million more Europeans active in sport or physical activity by 2020.

Open Streets Day is an event supporting the European Week of Sport

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